Network and Host Monitoring

Network Management is the monitoring of network devices, applications, sensors, and any other equipment or processes that are part of or associated with a network. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is commonly used to monitor standard network devices (servers, routers, switches, etc). Embedded processes can be run on servers and workstations to gain access to additional machine and operating system specific data.

A Network Management platform is used to collect and record device, process and other data. This data can be interpreted in real-time to produce alerts and automatic actions on behalf of the administrators. Historic data can also be seen and analysis performed so that trends can more easily be identified. Jade Networks uses the Zabbix network management platform to monitor both datacenter assets as well as remote application monitoring. All Jade servers and firewalls are actively monitored around the clock with alerts being sent when potential error conditions are encountered. Jade also provides constant remote network monitoring for MONIC, the Macau Domain Registrar. All DNS, web, and email services are constantly being checked with alerts being sent to both MONIC and Jade staff when problems are detected.

We are currently designing a new service offering to expand our monitoring capabilities for additional clients. For more information please contact